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Weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has been at the top of my bucket list for a while. It's such a fun city! From the food to the music, to learning a bit of the history it was a great weekend and a place I’ll sure to come back to.


Such a fun area of town! Here you’ll find all the shops, live music, and food. There are markets that also have a bunch of food stands where you can get your crawfish on! I was so excited to try crawfish; it was my first time and they were so flavorful! I also tried shrimp and grits, also a first and not sure how I got through life so far without tasting this decadent treat. There’s live music playing on the streets and also in most of the restaurants.


Can’t come to New Orleans and not get a Beignet! Café Du Monde has 11 locations around the city, but the most famous is the one in the French Quarter. And has a line to match. The line goes fast as they only sell 3 things: Beignets, Coffee, and Hot Chocolate. Note they are cash only in the quarter!

New Orleans Cafe Du Monde
New Orleans Cafe Du Monde


I was recommended by a few people to head over to Absinthe House. I went during the day as I heard bourbon street gets crazy at night and by seeing how the streets looked in the morning driving in, with rubbish everywhere, it looks like it was a good time had by all the night before. I haven’t had absinthe before as so the bartender recommended a “beginners”, Kubler from Switzerland, one for me. Having bartended through most of college, I didn’t know there was a process of burning an absinthe drenched sugar cube and then lighting the cube on fire. Such a fun presentation.


Mardi Gras World is a great place to get a behind the scenes look at how the floats are made for the parade. The space is 300,000 square feet and you can see artists working on floats for the upcoming parade. They start the floats a year in advance, so soon as the Mardi Gras parade is over the artists get working on the following years' designs.

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