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5 Things To Do In Miami, Florida

Miami Florida

On my back to the states, I decided to stop in Miami and see if it would be a place I could live. It had all the elements I wanted, good food, warm weather and diving a stone's throw away. Spoiler Alert, I left after 5 months. Miami wasn’t for me, I just really missed Seattle. With that said, I loved the culture and how vibrant the city is. It was super fun for me to photograph. While there, I spent a lot of time in Little Havana and Wynwood. Here are a few other things I’d suggest doing/seeing while you’re there.


Definitely don’t miss spending some time in South Beach while you’re there. It’s where a majority of the art deco buildings are and obviously the beach with the iconic colorful beach stands. There are plenty of restaurants that have outdoor seating promoting specials of the day. You can also rent citibikes and use the bike path on the boardwalk to follow the ocean line which is something I also liked to do.


Always a great time here! So many cute cafes and I spent time watching the locals play dominoes at domino park. It’s fun to walk up and down Calle Ocho to look at all the painted roosters too.


This is a photographers dream! So many murals and including the famous Wynwood Walls. It reminded me of Penang’s murals, but Wynnwood was more abstract art. The area has tons of cute cafes and restaurants too.


This was honestly my first stop when I got to Miami. After seeing Chef a dozen or more so times while I was abroad, I beelined to the shop John Favreau went to in the movie for a Cubano. It did not disappoint! I went back a few times!


The sun rises in the east and beautiful sunrise it is! I was renting an Airbnb on the north end of the beach and woke up to gorgeous views every morning.


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