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A Lot Of Thai Cooking Class : Chiang Mai, Thiland

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Taking Yui's A Lot of Thai Cooking Class is a must when visiting Chiang Mai! I can't say enough great things about Yui and her class. She is passionate about cooking, and her enthusiasm and love for food is infectious. You can’t help but get excited to cook the dishes she teaches.


I took her full day course, and she personally came to pick me and a few other students up to take us to her house where she teaches her classes.

I have taken many cooking classes over the years and what I loved about Yui's class is she would show us how to make one dish then we would go and make it at our cooking station after. Yui explained each ingredient to us and even showed us tricks on how to chop each one. In the full day course, you make six traditional dishes.

In the morning, we made three dishes:

Pad Thai – Most Popular Thai Food Green/Red Curry Chicken - Traditional Thai Food Thom Yaam Goong – Clear soup with shrimp


After the morning cooking session, we took a break to go to the market in her awesome VW bus to learn more about the ingredients she was using and get a fruit smoothie. It was a nice break in between the six dishes we were learning how to make.

After the market, we went back to her kitchen to learn how to make:

Chicken Cashew Stirfry – Quick, simple, tasty dish Spring Rolls – Stuffed with chicken and vegetables Mango Sticky Rice – Rice with coconut cream, topped with mangos

I noticed a picture of her and Gordon Ramsey on the wall. She was picked to be on his show Gordon's Great Escape Thailand in 2010.

Yui could have easily had her own cooking show after that, but she really does have a passion for teaching, and you can see she loves what she does. I’m so glad to have had the chance to learn from her. I saw she also has advanced classes that I plan to take when I'm back in Chiang Mai again!


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