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Exploring Marrakech, Morocco

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Morocco was on my list of places to go to before I headed back to the States.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance, so I was super excited to learn that a work trip was going to take me there! And bonus I’d have time to explore for a day and a half before heading home. I heard so many great things about Morocco and have a friend who spent significant time there, so I asked her for recommendations on where to go and what to see. Here’s what I did!


I spent a day wandering around the souks and square. I loved walking through all the alleys! They’re jam-packed with so many vendors selling everything from spices to scarves, purses, and pillows. I winded up buying Argan Oil from a shop right outside the square, which I was told was the only authentic place to purchase. Was it? Who knows, I saw the ladies churning and making it, so I felt good about the purchase and used it on my hair and skin.


I was super excited to see the doors and tiles. I’ve seen photos and couldn’t wait to see them up close. They’re just as gorgeous in person! 


My absolute favorite dish to eat in Marrakech was the Moroccan salad! It had no less than 5 different vegetables on the plate all perfectly seasoned with Moroccan spices.  I also had tagine a few nights which consists of couscous and a protein (chicken/lamb or vegetables). The portions were huge for all the dishes; I definitely stuffed myself silly! I also tried Moroccan mint tea, which as prepared is super sweet, but you can get it without sugar which was more my taste.


One thing I really wanted to do coming to Morocco was to take a camel ride in the desert. I got to do it twice! We did it with our team during my trip and then I did a private ride after my meetings were done. I would have been satisfied with just the one ride, but the day we went was overcast. I really had my heart set on getting a photograph of the camel shadows. It would have been cool with all of our camels (20+)! I didn’t get the photo, but I did get one of the handlers taking some of them back to their pen which was just as good, if not better! Right place, right time. I did get my shadow shot when I went back the second time and I’m so glad I went again as it was a special experience as it was just two of us on the ride and got to know our guide and hear more about the history and area.


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