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Exploring Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s largest island off the southwest end and lies right on the border of Cambodia. This island is soon to become a cruise port destination, so life on Phu Quoc is changing at this moment.

I’ve been on the island for two months, and there’s already the cruise harbor is in the process of being built, roads are in the process of being redone, and large hotel chains and condos are going up quickly. Right now is a great time to go to see what Phu Quoc island life is like before it turns into a major tourist hub.

You see many tourist vacationers here rather than backpackers. Many people come to relax on the beautiful resort beaches and take in the slow life of the Vietnamese islanders. Despite it being a small island there are quite a few activities to enjoy. Here are five things to see and do in Phu Quoc.


Did you know that bee’s pollinate 85% of all plants in the world? One-third of all the food we eat come from a bee-pollinated plant. If the bee’s die, then there will be no pollination. Without bees, there will be no fruits or vegetables. Take that all in. This place is doing a great job educating the locals and tourists alike about the importance of bees.

They have a small café that serves drinks, sweetened with honey, of course. There’s also a banana fritter to munch on served with cinnamon honey which is a tasty combination.


No Southeast Asia city would be complete without a market, let alone a night market. Here you have your choice of many restaurants serving seafood, hot pot style. Hot pot is a big bowl of broth where you will cook your fish and vegetables then serve it in small bowls over rice noodles.

The small two-road market sells everything from souvenirs to ice cream. The only thing you won’t find here is a massage, which is very not Southeast Asia. Still, it’s a fun night out on the town and should be experienced while you’re here.


This fishing village at the top of the island can be reached best by motorbike. Out at the end of the piers are many floating restaurants where you can have your pick of seafood or chicken barbecued for lunch or dinner.

Next to each restaurant are nets containing all the fish they offer. Watch your fish being ‘caught’ and cooked right in front of you.


Vinpearl is Vietnam’s version of Disneyland. This park includes a wild safari & zoo, full waterpark, aquarium with mermaid show, and amusement park all wrapped up in one.

Make sure you block out a whole day as you’re going to need it to do everything. I suggest starting with the safari when it opens at 9 am. You’ll be greeted with African dancers welcoming you into the park, then head over to the waterpark after you’re done to keep cool in Vietnam’s heat.

End your day enjoying the rest of the park, which includes fun rides and a magic fountain water show.


Head down to the harbor to see all the fishing boats and snorkel boats head out for the day. Walk over the bridge to see them parked up in rows. At night watch as the squid, boats go out. They are the ones with the big light bulbs on the top deck that are used to attract the squid at night.


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