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PHOTO ESSAY : Street Art in South America

If you've been following me for a while, you will know I'm a sucker for street art. I cannot get enough of it and seek it out wherever I travel. I visited Peru, Chile and Argentina which didn't disappoint! Lima reminded me of being in Penang, Malaysia with the incredible food and art scene. See over 50 murals I captured below between the 3 countries.


Valparaiso is a UNESCO heritage site.  It's known for its funiculars (cable cars) to get you up and down the steep streets to visit the colorful, cliff top homes.  The street art here is ridiculously beautiful.  Literally, no house or stair is uncovered. It is the most concentrated street art I encountered in the three countries


Most of the street art is located in Barranco which reminded me of being in Penang, Malaysia. Not only does this area have great street art but great restaurants.



La Boca, is another colorful neighborhood filled with street art.  Tango is also prevalent here with street performers dancing Tango in-front of shops and at the outdoor restaurants.


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