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Updated: Mar 12

I spent ten days in India’s Golden Triangle where I walked the crazy streets of Delhi. I visited a community kitchen that feeds anyone who’s hungry four times a day with a hot meal. I then made my way over to Agra to visit one of the Seven Wonders, Taj Mahal. I thought it was a religious site, but it is actually a token of an emperor’s love to his wife after she died 19 years into their marriage. After Agra, I went on to the final city in the Golden Triangle, Jaipur that has many historic forts. Here is my ten days in a series of photographs.


One can not fly to Delhi without visiting the Taj Mahal. It is one of the 7 Wonders of the World and is stunning to witness.

Another tomb in Agra is the lesser known, Baby Taj.

The details of Baby Taj are intricate.

All made of marble.

Kids and families play down below Baby Taj, along the river.

An older man at Fatephur Skiri.

A family of 8 piles into an auto rickshaw.

A family on the streets of Agra.

Women selling fruits and vegetables.


Abhaneri Stepwells. Pre-Escher, maybe this is where he got his inspiration from?

Amber Fort.

A stray dog walks down the rails of Amber Fort.

The gardens inside Amber Fort.

View of the city below Amber Fort.

There are many monkeys that live around the fort.

Elephants take tourists up a steep hill in 100F+ weather. Only females are used and they can be seen resisting being forced to go up the hill. Please do your research before riding one, elephants are not meant to be ridden.

Her sad eyes tell a story of being worked hard in the strong heat.

Water Palace is out in the middle of the lake, but soon to be made into a café.

Camels are used for work in India, you can see them in most cities/villages.

A man talks on his phone and rides his horse in the middle of street traffic.

Jaipur market where you can find fruits, vegetables, clothes, and other textiles.

A woman sells pottery at the market in Jaipur.

A woman shows bangles to a girl.

Woman buying vegetable from a vendor.

Fresh dried tamarind ready to be ground into powder.

Jaipur Market.

More Jaipur market vendors.

A woman sells her vegetables on the streets of Jaipur.


Men washing themselves at Jama Masjid.

Locals seeking relief from the hot sun inside the walls of the mosque.

Worshipers praying at Sikh Temple.

Volunteers peeling vegetables at the community kitchen.

A happy volunteer stirs a vat of dal to be served at lunch.

A women makes roti for the community kitchen.

Cows can be seen walking down the streets of Delhi.

An auto rickshaw.

A man carries goods down a busy street in Old Delhi.

Tiles of religious figures are mounted to the walls of alleys to discourage men from peeing on the wall.

Laundry is done with an iron heated by coal.

Many stray dogs live on the streets of India, surprisingly there were only a few cats.

A man sweeps out in front of his shop.

Old lady walking the streets of Old Delhi.

I’m so glad I made the time to stop in India, even though it was only for ten days. To do it right, you’d really need at least a month or two to be able to explore all the India has to offer. But this little taste has changed my perception of India, as I felt safe and well taken care of while I was there. I know many have had bad experiences, but I opened my heart and decided when I landed that I would not let other people's experiences dictate mine, and it was an incredible time with beautiful, colorful people.


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